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Description of Classes

Divination - We will be learning some of the history of divination. We will start learning our Tarot cards, layouts, and the kind of readings that can be done. you will also learn some points on the different kinds of divination. There will be advanced classes offered for the different kinds of divination.

Crystals - will be learning crystals and gems. Exploring the history, uses and different kinds. Both crystals and gems can be used for spells, readings, and rituals. Can also be used in sachets or pendulums. There will be advanced classes offered.

Spells and Potions - Will be a short example of different potions you can do for money, protection, health, and warding.

Runes Making - we will be making runes for the next class on divination. Start to show how to read them and find the missing stone symbol.

Colors and Scents - will be learning the colors to use different spells and some scents with your candle magick and talisman. This class is a prerequisite.

Talisman - we will learn about different talisman for protect, health, money, and warding.

Gypsy Magick - we will be teaching the history of Romani and the fundamentals of their beliefs, basic magick procedures, spells, and charms. There will be advanced classes offered.

Tarot Spells - will be teaching the use of the tarot in spells. The major arcana are used in spell crafting. Each represent a range of subjects. Divination 1 is the prerequisite for this class.

Magical Herbs - will be learning all the herbs and how you can use them in your magick.

Healing herbs - will be learning how to use herbs for healing and medical use.

Dangerous Herbs - what herbs to stay away from and remembering what they look like.

Protective Herbs - A through Z of protective herbs and how to use them for protection.

Trees - will learn the names and what they look like and how you use them in your magick. This is a prerequisite for the wand making class.

Palm Reading - the basic of palm reading and the main lines. Divination 1 is the prerequisite for this class.

Astrology - a basic start to learning the Zodiac signs, moon phases, and keeping a moon diary.

Wand Making - we will be making a basic wand. How to choose a tree for the wands and start making them. The finished wand can be used in your magick. There will be 2 more advanced classes.

Self Paced

Learn at the pace you want. Take a break when you want and resume where you left. Bit sized lessons.

Responsive Design

Courses are optimised to play back on any device. Beautiful courses that you can take from any mobile devices.

Great Support

Engage with the instructors. Ask anything. Get the support you needed to get upto speed on the course progress.

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